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Guitartricks Review – Guitartricks – Guitar Tricks


Product Report
Guitartricks.com is an online guitar instructional resource that teaches beginning guitar via a wide range of different types of approaches. In addition to thousands of guitar lessons available for streaming online, Guitartricks.com also offers educational materials including charts for chords, scales and arpeggios, jam tracks that you can play along with, a ton of famous songs for you to learn, and a well-populated online forum where users can connect with instructors and other students.
Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback
Actual user comment from Acoustic Guitar Forum – “Guitar Tricks, in my opinion, has a vastly superior progression in the lessons programs which is organized by genre, and range from beginner to intermediate. The lessons are pretty darn good in terms of organization and content…Guitar Tricks, although having fewer songs does a phenominal job in breaking them down.”

Actual user comment from Acoustic Guitar Community“I think if you are beginning, Lisa McCormick is hard to beat–she is on Guitar Tricks.”

Actual user comment from StackExchange.com – “I have recently started learning guitar (6 months) and have signed up to two sites that I would definately recommend (and not affiliated with either): 1) www.guitartricks.com. [the] site is also quite formal in their approach and the progression is very well thought out.”

Actual user comment from Acoustic Guitar Forum – “I love this site…it has instructor taught lessons, which are soooo nice and easy to use….very interactive…it has become my favorite site for learning new things on the guitar”

Product Details
Company Info Guitartricks.com was founded in 1998 by guitarist Jon Broderick in Berkeley, CA. Today the company has more than 1.9 million members and offers more than 5,000 online guitar lessons.


2625 Alcatraz Avenue, #311

Berkeley, CA 94705 U.S.A.

Phone – local: (510) 991 – 7414

Phone – toll free: (866) 216 – 3786

Company website: http://www.guitartricks.com

Product Specifications Overview
  • Core Learning System lessons intended to start the beginning guitar player off on the right foot
  • Lesson groups covering different styles, songs, and artists
  • Hundreds of different well-known songs broken-down and explained for you
  • Jam Station loaded with over 200 professionally-produced backing tracks to jam along with
  • Lessons broken down by instructor, so you can find the teaching style and personality that works for you
Product Specifications Details Honestly, presenting a complete rundown of every detail of Guitartricks.com’s program would take far more room than we’ve got. If you’re the type of student who gets overwhelmed easily, this might be a little bit of a minus for you. Instead, here’s an overview of what beginning guitarists would want to know about Guitartricks.com:
Course: Fundamentals for Guitar

1. Correct Posture and Technique

  • Picks and How to Use Them
  • Total Beginner Right/Left Hand Technique
  • How Do I Hold The Guitar?

2. Basic Guitar Knowledge

  • Electric Guitar Components
  • Acoustic Guitar Components
  • Using an Electronic Tuner
  • Reading Tablature – An Introduction

3. Chords: An Introduction

  • Fretting Notes – How To
  • Simple Chords: Introduction To C & G Major
  • Simple Chords: Introduction To A & E Major

4. How To Play Melodies

  • The Way Notes Are Named
  • Names of the Notes on all six Strings
  • Learning & Practicing Music
  • Additional Simple Melodies to Learn

5. How To Play Full Chords

  • Chords Group 1: E, A and D
  • Switching Chords Practice 1: E, A and D
  • Chords Group 2: F, G and C
  • Switching Chords Practice 2: F, G and C
  • Chords Group 3: Introduction to B Major
  • Switching Chords 3: B, A and E

Course: Fundamentals for Guitar, Part II

1. Music Theory Introduction

  • What’s an Interval?
  • Beginner’s Guide to the C Major Scale
  • Intro to Picking Technique: Simple Scales
  • Beginner Guitarist Scale Exercises in C Major
  • Beginner’s Guide to the A Minor Scale
  • Beginner Guitarist Scale Exercises in A Minor
  • Beginner’s Guide to the C Minor Scale
  • Beginner Guitarist Scale Exercises in C Minor

2. Minor Chords: An Introduction

  • Chords Group 4: E Minor, D and A
  • Switching Chords: Practicing E Minor, D and A
  • Mixing Minor & Major Chords 1: C, G, E minor
  • Mixing Minor & Major Chords 2: A minor, G, C and F
  • Mixing Minor & Major Chords 3: D min, E, A min, C
  • Changing Chords Seamlessly

3. Chords, Triads and Scales

  • Chords and Scale Rationships
  • How to Use Scales to Connect Chords 1
  • How to Use Scales to Connect Chords 2
  • Chord Inversions and Triad Introduction

4. Music Notation: Introduction to Reading Music

  • Tutorial 1: Reading Music for Beginners
  • Tutorial 2: Reading Music for Beginners
  • A Brief Reference: How to Read Music

5. Easy Songs With Scale Notes and Chords

  • Twelve Bar Blues in A
  • More Twelve Bar Blues in A
  • Learning House of the Rising Sun

6. Additional Chord Groups: Learn and Practice

  • Chords Group 5: G Minor, C, F and B
  • Practicing C, F, G Major Chords
  • Practicing C, F, G Minor Chords
  • Practicing A, D, E Minor Chords
  • Practicing A, D, E Major Chords
  • Practicing E, A, B Minor Chords
  • Practicing E, A, B Major Chords

7. Barre Chords

  • Beginners’ Introduction: Barre Chords
  • How to Practice Barre Chords


Price Guitartricks.com offers a subscription-based learning experience. Rather than paying a one-time, upfront fee, the student chooses one of the following subscription plans:

Basic– no cost (as in free), but limited functionality. This is essentially a trial membership

Monthly– $14.95/month. Unlimited functionality and access

Yearly – $129/year. Unlimited functionality and access

Return Policy 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Official Guitartricks.com Homepage


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