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Jamorama review – Jamorama guitar lessons


Product Report
The Jamorama Beginner to Advanced Course is a multimedia music education system intended to help the absolute beginner learn to play guitar. The course takes several different approaches to teaching, and includes lesson PDFs, downloadable video lessons, chord charts and audio jam tracks for the student to play along with. A number of bonus educational games, software and other content are also included, and a free introductory mini-course is available as well. Finally, the course also includes membership in the Jamorama Forum, where users can get their questions answered by teachers and other students. A breakdown of the actual contents of the Jamorama Guitar Course can be found directly below, in the Product Specifications section.
Feedback & Overview
4.5 Stars There seems to be a general agreement among users on the internet that the Jamorama guitar lessons course is fun and useful. You will find a few complaints about the format of the supplied videos, as well as a few grumbles from more experienced guitarists who didn’t find enough material for their needs, but, especially for the price, I don’t think there’s anything that beats Jamorama in the online guitar training field.

Actual Customer Feedback:

“I love it. The best part is…they have these “Jam Tracks” that you can play along with [that] give you a great sense of accomplishment.” – Actual user comment from Acoustic Guitar Forum
“I would recommend Jamorama… [it] has helped me a lot in just 5 days. The first time you play a perfect riff… is really indescribable.” – Actual user comment on the GuitarWorld.com forum
“It’s one of the great ones for beginning guitar.” – Actual user comment from Guitar Noise.com
“I’ve been playing for a [whole] 2 months now…For the $50 or so dollars, I think it’s worth it.” – Actual user comment from Acoustic Guitar Forum
“Online guitar lessons like Jamorama do work, but…you have to put WORK into it to get something out of it! If you’re willing to put forth the practice, then go with Jamorama.” – Actual user comment on Yahoo Answers
Product Details
Company Info Jamorama is a provider of online musical instruction, specifically oriented towards guitar teaching. The company has been in business since 2008, and is staffed exclusively by dedicated musicians. Jamorama is a division of:

Rock Star Recipes Ltd
Unit 1, 123 Blenheim Rd,
Christchurch 8041
New Zealand

The company can be reached by telephone at: +64 3 341 7288

Their main website may be found at http://www.jamorama.com
Product Specifications Overview
  • PDF Content: 250+ pages of step-by-step lessons
  • 216 chord shapes to master
  • Video Content: 148 high quality video lessons covering 8 major styles of music and 55 unique strumming patterns
  • Audio Content: 26 professionally recorded JamTracks
Product Specifications Details Book 1 – Beginner to Intermediate Lessons

Introduction – The guitar and getting into positionLesson 1: Introduction to chord diagrams, chords A and D, strumming.

Lesson 2: Introduction to guitar tablature, JamTrack No.1.

Lesson 3: Notes on the treble clef, time signature, notes on the 1st string, notes on the second string, JamTrack No.2.

Lesson 4: E major chord, the repeat sign, JamTrack No. 3, notes on the 3rd string.

Lesson 5: G major chord, C major chord, JamTrack No. 4, notes on the 4th string, JamTrack No. 5.

Lesson 6: A minor chord, turn around progression, JamTrack No. 6, JamTrack No. 7, notes on the fifth string.

Lesson 7: Eighth note rhythm patterns, F major chord, the chromatic scale.

Lesson 8: Dominant 7 chords, A7 chord, D7 chord, E7 chord, JamTrack No. 8.

Lesson 9: Silent stroke symbol, JamTrack No. 9, notes on the sixth string, JamTrack No. 10.

Lesson 10: G7 chord, C7 chord, two bar rhythms.

Lesson 11: B7 chord, blues in E major, JamTrack No. 11.

Lesson 12: Notes on stave: first position, bass note picking.

Lesson 13: Time signature, JamTrack No. 12, bass note picking in , JamTrack No. 13.

Lesson 14: Suspended chords, Asus4 chord, Dsus4 chord, Esus4 chord, JamTrack No. 14, scales, the major scale, C major scale, JamTrack No. 15.

Lesson 15: Asus2 chord, Dsus2 chord, JamTrack No. 16.

Chord Reference

Book 2 – Intermediate to Advanced Lessons

Introduction – Getting the most out of book 2

Lesson 16: D Minor chord, bass note runs.

Lesson 17: Major seventh chords, F major 7th, C major 7th, 16th note rhythm patterns.

Lesson 18: A major 7, D major 7, G major 7, chromatic notes – first position.

Lesson 19: B minor chord, triplet rhythm.

Lesson 20: Major six chords, A6 chord, E6 chord, the A major scale.

Lesson 21: Barre chords, F barre chord, root six barre chord.

Lesson 22: Percussive strum.

Lesson 23: Root 6 minor bar chord.

Lesson 24: Key signatures and scales.

Lesson 25: F dominant 7 chord (Root six), music rests.

Lesson 26: Deadening, eighth note rest within a strum.

Lesson 27: Major root 5 barre chords, staccato strumming.

Lesson 28: Chord progression concepts, blues pattern 1, blues pattern 2.

Lesson 29: Root 5 minor barre chord, 12 bar blues pattern 3.

Lesson 30: Palm muting, Metal.

Lesson 31: Advanced rhythm techniques.

Lesson 32: Root 5 dominant 7 barre chord, blues in D.

Lesson 33: Reggae.

Lesson 34: Minor scale.

Lesson 35: Minor 7th chords, Fm7chord, Bbm7 chord.

Lesson 36: Major 6 barre chords, F6 chord, Bb6 chord.

Lesson 37: Power chords, F power chord, Bb power chord.

Lesson 38: Accents, compound meter.

Lesson 39: C shape barre chord.

Lesson 40: Suspended barre chords, Bbsus2, Bbsus4.

Lesson 41: Root 6 and root 5 major 7th barres.

Chord Reference

Price $49.95
Return Policy 100% Money Back Guarantee
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