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Gibson Learn Master Guitar Review – Gibson Guitar Lessons

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar

Product Report
Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Course
Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar Course is a comprehensive music education program intended to help guitarists of any skill level – including absolute beginners – learn to play guitar. The course approaches teaching from a few different perspectives, and includes 20 DVDs full of video lessons, a printed companion lesson book, and jam-along CDs for the student to play along with. Course purchasers also get access to the company’s Student Support and Community websites, which include a forum where users can get their questions answered by teachers and other students. An overview of the actual contents of Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar Course can be found directly below, in the Product Specifications portion of this page.
Feedback & Overview
  Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar course generally gets pretty high marks from students, in terms of what I’ve been able to find online. This is especially true of users who have appreciated the value of being able to progress through a comprehensive course, which takes care of beginners but also shepherds students towards more advanced playing.However, the cost ($149) is relatively steep compared to the competition, and for that reason I’ve given it four stars instead of five.

Actual Customer Feedback:

“My playing and understanding and appreciation of music has increased by leaps and bounds…You have to be willing to work but I can’t say enough about this course. It has transformed me as a player and increased my love of playing the guitar.”Actual user comment from Acoustic Guitar Forum

“It is a good course, and starting out as a beginner I can definitely say it gave me a strong foundation. Krenz is a good teacher. He explains things extremely well but his extremely mellow nature can make some parts seem kind of boring…It’s about being a well rounded player.”Actual user comment from My Les Paul Forums

“The course content is solid…it is not a shallow scam, but an effective and well-grounded course.”Actual user comment from Gearslutz.com Forum

“If anyone is looking for a good lesson program, I would not hesitate to point them in the direction of L&MG. The thing that sold me on it in the end…is their online forum community of fellow students, and Steve Krenz himself. It’s almost unbelievably friendly and supportive.”Actual user comment from Acoustic Guitar Forum

Product Details
Company Info Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is one of many educational multimedia courses on music and the visual arts offered by Legacy Learning Systems, Inc. Here is all the contact information you’ll need on the company.

Legacy Learning Systems, Inc
624 Grassmere Park Dr., Suite 16
Nashville, TN 37211Phone – Toll Free: 1-866-683-6027 / Local: (615) 515-3605email: service@legacylearningsystems.com

Main website: http://www.learnandmaster.com/guitar/

Product Specifications Overview
  •  20 DVDs containing HD video explaining and demonstrating concepts
  • Printed lesson book containing extensive companion content that expands on the DVD lessons
  • Jam-along CDs with nearly 100 tracks for you to play along with. Slow, medium, and fast versions of each track are included, and you can adjust the volume of the guitar part you’re supposed to be playing by changing the balance on your stereo
  • Free online support forum where teachers and other students swap information
Product Specifications Details

Beginners Focus: Basic Terms and Concepts

  • The Parts of the Guitar
  • The Names of the Strings
  • Proper Right & Left Hand Technique
  • How to Tune your Guitar both with an Electronic Tuner and by Ear
  • How to Read Guitar Tablature
  • How to Read Chord Blocks
  • Finger Exercises to build up dexterity in your Hands
  • In Session 2 you will learn to Read Music

Sessions for Beginners

1)  Starting the Right Way

  • Names of the Strings, C & G7 Chords, Tuning, Technique, Exercises for Fingers

2) Notes on the First and Second Strings, Reading Music

  • Reading Music for Beginners, Exercises & Notes on the 1st & 2nd String

3) Notes on the Third and Fourth Strings

  • Eighth Notes, Ties, 3rd & 4th String Notes & Exercises, Dots, Repeat Signs

4) Notes on the Fifth and Sixth Strings

  • Sharps, Flats, 5th & 6th String Notes & Exercises, Natural Signs, Am & E Chords

5) Open Chords for Beginners

  • Open Chords and Exercises

6) Suspended Chords, Minor Seventh Chords

  • Minor Seventh and Suspended Chords – Including Strumming Patterns

7) Sixth String Barre Chords

  • Whole Steps, Half-Steps, Major Scales, 6th String Barre Chords & Exercises

8) Fifth String Barre Chords

  • Relative Major & Minor, Keys & Key Signatures, 5th String Barre Chords & Exercises

9) Great Strumming: The Secret

  • Intervals & Worksheets, Technique for Strumming

10) Playing Guitar Fingerstyle

  • Exercises & Technique, Classical & Travis Picking

11) Pentatonic Scales

  • Forms, Scales, & Pentatonic Patterns

12) Advanced Chords

  • Exercises & Chord Substitution, Minor 11 Chords, 2 Chords, Major 7 Chords

13) Beginning Blues Guitar

  • Blues Scales and Chord Progressions, Worksheets and Triads, Minor Pentatonic with Blues Notes

14) Playing With Style

  • Bends, Sliding, Tapping & Harmonics, Pull-offs, Hammer-ons, Electric Guitar Power Chords

15) Electric Guitars

  • Country Bends, Arpeggios, Power Chords, Sliding Fourths, Major Scale Harmonized

16) Advanced Strumming

  • Strumming & Exercises, Sixteenth Notes

17) Moving Past the First Position

  • Three Note per String scales, Seventh Chords

18) Jazz Guitar

  • Chord Progressions and Special Chords for Jazz

19) How to Solo

  • Techniques and Ear Training for Soloing
  • Guitar Chords – Advanced

20) Every Chord You’ll Need To Know

  • Chord Inversions and Abbreviations, Chord Formulas
Price $149.00
Return Policy The company has a 60-day return policy. During that period, the customer can get a full refund of the purchase price. Course materials need to be in like-new condition without scratches or marks.
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